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Re-wiring FAQ

We specialise in re-wiring domestic properties, always seeking to keep damage to decorations to an absolute minimum and working in an organised and tidy way, sympathetic to the needs of our clients. We also keep safety in mind at all times, and whilst floors have to be lifted for the job to be done, they are always put down at the end of each day.We've put together a list of questions (and answers) to those we're most frequently asked. If you have any further questions about re-wiring your property, however, then please email us or call us on 07870 874796. We're always happy to provide a free quotation or advice.

There are a number of reasons for re-wiring.
If the property was built before 1960 and has not been re-wired since, it will need a re-wire. The clearest sign is the presence of black rubber sheathed wiring, which is now degrading. As the insulation crumbles, the chances of fires caused by shorts is increased.
If the property was built before 1966 and has not been re-wired, there will be no earth connections to the lighting circuits and these will need re-wiring. Without an earth, in the event of a fault and exposed metallic parts becoming live, these can stay live until touched leading to electric shocks.
If the wiring is in poor condition, badly installed in the first place or requires extensive additions to meet your requirements for outlets it may be prudent to re-wire.
The cost will depend on how many facilities you have and how many extra outlets you require. A 1950's 3 bed semi will typically cost in the region of £3,000 to £3,500. If the property is an old cottage with numerous extensions and outbuildings, the cost could be much higher. Mitchell Electrical Services always provide quotations free of charge and will be pleased to arrange a visit to advise.
We take pride in minimising the damage to decorations, running wires in existing channels where possible and offering alternative solutions when this can't be done. It will depend on your property and often can't easily be assessed before starting. We have experience of providing a complete re-wire without any damage at all and frequently with very little damage. However, we also have encountered situations where the existing wires have not been run in channels at all and all wires have had to be channelled.
When cutting out plaster for new channels, we always put down dust sheets, but obviously, the dust can stay in the air for some time and keeps settling after we've gone. So there can be some mess. The important thing is to minimise the number of channels made, which is where our careful approach helps.
In general, carpets and floorboards can be lifted and returned without any problems. Obviously some floorings are glued down or fixed like laminates/tiles and these can present difficulties. Alternative routes will be discussed at the time of quoting.
Most of the re-wires we do are with the residents in situ. Floorings are always replaced for rooms in use every night during the re-wire. Clearly, it can be difficult during the day if the rooms need to be used or if there are small children present. Safety will be discussed at the time of quoting in these circumstances.
Obviously this varies considerably, but again our example of a 3 bed semi will usually take 9 or 10 days.
It's not a bad idea to put away ornaments and small items as furniture will probably need to be moved around and if there is dust about there are fewer items that need cleaning. The perfect solution would be to completely empty the house of all furniture and carpets but we understand that this isn't really practical! Please don't put everything in the loft though – we'll need to go in there for the upstairs lighting.
Modern consumer units have trip switches called RCD's. Unlike fuses and circuit breakers which are designed to protect cables from too much current, RCDs trip when they sense faults to earth. This will protect your life, should you come in contact with live circuitry but it will also highlight faulty equipment that has perhaps suffered an ingress of water or has a snagged cable. So it may be a nuisance, but it may just save your life. Once any problems of this nature are sorted out, there usually isn't any problem thereafter.
To obtain a free consultation and quote for a re-wire on your property, call Richard Mitchell on 07870 874796 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .